MIAB professional employees design and manufacture wide range of products related to water supply, sewage and water treatment in our manufacturing facility.

In manufacturing we use the best quality materials with special attention on products finishing. For example, all stainless steel products pass through complete process of chemical abrasion (degreasing, pickling, passivating,).
Due to large number of projects and quality achieved in designing mechanical and electrical components in our manufacturing facility, our clients relay on us and our products and can with full trust order and buy them and use them in their plants. Besides number of utility and water companies and relevant authorities, confidence in our products have provided some of the most reputable companies like SIEMENS, STRABAG-HIDROINŽENJERING, NORDIC WATER, CEMEX.

Our products:

Beside our standard products, for whose marketing and distribution activities in south eastern Europe is in charge licensed company TEKO d.o.o., MIAB can design and construct any product desired by the client or project request.

If you are interested in becoming our products distributors in your area, please contact as via information specifies in Contact or via on line form in Become a partner section.

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