IsoWelcome to the MIAB Ltd. web site. MIAB company is engaged in facility construction, plant assembly, equipment manufacturing and materials protection.

We perform all kinds of work related to construction, commissioning and facility maintenance in drinking and waste water systems, energetic systems, assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment, automatic management and technology system regulation, as well as all kinds of measurement in water supply systems.

We manufacture equipment for sewage and waste water treatment, as well as electric cabinets and automatics cabinets. We offer steel and stainless steel surface finalization services using the most modern methods developed in cooperation with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - University in Zagreb. Our facility is the only of this kind in broader area. Protection is conducted using blasting, pickling, passivating, electro polishing and varnishing.

Guarantee for high quality work comes from our huge experience in system integration, employee expertise on all levels which is permanently fulfilled and modernized using high technologies and advanced materials. In order to permanently improve, MIAB has established quality management system based on international standard which has goal to fulfill requirements for quality products and processes. In 2003 we have introduced ISO 9001:2000, and in 2009 ISO 9001:2008.

All our products are high quality, reliable and have long life cycle which reduce high maintenance costs, and all that to great satisfaction for our clients.
Our clients trust has been gained using our professionalism and business understanding, time line respect, fast maintenance interventions and correct customer relationship.
Due to Croatian economy promotion and exceptional achievements MIAB Ltd. received a Golden plaque of the Croatian Chamber of Economy as the most successful entrepreneurship company in Šibensko-kninska County for three years (1999, 2001, 2005).
MIAB trained employees (11 Master and Bachelor degree, others with finished high school education) can offer investor full service, starting from consulting and project design, over construction, to the commissioning and system maintenance.

On our owned area of over 35000m2 we have equipped manufacturing facilities, open and closed warehouse, construction-design bureau and other business offices, complete mechanization and car fleet for performance of all works on facility construction.

We offer our clients permanent product and facility maintenance, as well as the employee education. Therefore, by buying our products or services you can be sure that you get top quality and all the necessary support if needed.

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