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MIAB Ltd. performs professional, high quality and quick assembly of most demanding types of equipment in water supply, sewage and water treatment. Regardless of facility complexity and field situation, we can always find the quality solution in the short time lines and to our client's satisfaction

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MIAB Ltd. has possibility to single handedly or in cooperation with partners construct the most demanding facilities for water supply, sewage and water treatment, as well as other infrastructural facilities. All works are performed in professional manner with respect to time lines.

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MIAB Ltd. is capable to perform facility electrical equipment assembly in the shortest possible time lines, and to establish full automation and process control. Additionally, MIAB performs full electrical assembly on outer lighting systems, substations, cable routes.

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About us
Welcome to the MIAB Ltd. web site. Company MIAB is engaged in facility construction, plant assembly, equipment manufacturing and materials protection.
We perform all kinds of work related to construction, commissioning and facility maintenance in drinking and waste water systems, energetic systems, assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment, ...


MIAB Ltd. finalized construction of waste water treatment plant in Industrial-business zone Šopot
Thursday, 19 November 2009 15:13
Works on waste water treatment plant in Industrial-business zone Šopot consisted of biological treatment plant construction, along with corresponding standard pumping station for waste water out of polyester and development of corresponding pipe lines, collectors, cable and telecommunication installations.

MIAB Ltd. has been successful in finalizing all works (construction, mechanical and electrical) related to treatment lant, single handedly in only 75 days.

MIAB Ltd. has began reconstruction and upgrade of waste water pumping station Stari grad in Knin
Thursday, 15 October 2009 15:13
Works on pumping station Stari grad in Knin consist of existing object reconstruction, new agreagate building upgrade and colector construction. Reconstruction consists of new coarse automatic screen assembly (6,97m high), penstocks, safety ladders, gas tight covers.

Also, project anticipated installation of new waste water pumps, supporting fittings and valves, as well as installation of flood pumps with axial propeller with single capacity of 1200 liter per second. Works anticipate reconstruction of electrical cabinets as well. In the aggregate building will be installed automatic stationary diesel aggregate with 450 kVA power. Collectors have internal diameter of 1200 and 1300 mm.

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