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MIAB Ltd. performs professional, high quality and quick assembly of most demanding types of equipment in water supply, sewage and water treatment. Regardless of facility complexity and field situation, we can always find the quality solution in the short time lines and to our client's satisfaction

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MIAB Ltd. has possibility to single handedly or in cooperation with partners construct the most demanding facilities for water supply, sewage and water treatment, as well as other infrastructural facilities. All works are performed in professional manner with respect to time lines.

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MIAB Ltd. is capable to perform facility electrical equipment assembly in the shortest possible time lines, and to establish full automation and process control. Additionally, MIAB performs full electrical assembly on outer lighting systems, substations, cable routes.

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About us
Welcome to the MIAB Ltd. web site. Company MIAB is engaged in facility construction, plant assembly, equipment manufacturing and materials protection.
We perform all kinds of work related to construction, commissioning and facility maintenance in drinking and waste water systems, energetic systems, assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment, ...


MIAB Ltd. has started with construction works on the reconstruction of pipeline Grebaštica-Primosten
Monday, 12 November 2012 09:22
Works on the reconstruction of pipeline Grebaštica-Primosten consists of making bypass pipeline before the construction work starts, removing of the existing pipeline, and installation of new pipeline with DN 500 mm profile.

It is a very demanding job with regards to ensuring uninterrupted water supply throughout the period of the works and large pressures that occur in the system. Part of the equipment predicted is designed for an operating pressure of 25 bar.
MIAB Ltd. was selected as the best bidder for the reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant Imotski.
Friday, 19 October 2012 09:21
MIAB Ltd. participated in the public procurement for reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant Imotski. In international competition, MIAB's offer was selected as the most favourable.

Reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant among other predicted the work on mechanical pre treatment, bio-aeration basins, pumping station and secondary settling tank. The largest part of equipment for reconstruction will be manufactured in MIAB's production facilities.

Company MIAB Ltd. has officially relocated its headquarters to address Dolačka 21, Industrial zone Podi, 22000 Sibenik.
Friday, 14 September 2012 04:58
Company MIAB Ltd. after the construction of new production, service, warehouse and office facilities in the Industrial zone Podi, and successfully relocation to new facilities, has officially changed its headquarters to the new address.

New facilities in the zone Podi consist of manufacturing building with 2.500 m2, office-warehouse building with area of 1.200 m2, and the buildings with service-production functions with total area of 800 m2. MIAB Ltd. is fully equipped to manufacture products for water supply, sewage and water treatment.

MIAB Ltd. as a one of the leaders of new European trends in the manufacturing and construction is in the process of introducing ISO 14001:2004
Friday, 29 June 2012 04:55
The introduction of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 undertakes MIAB Ltd. the constant monitoring and continuous improvement of the environmental impact during manufacture and installation of a wide range of products related to water supply, sewage and water treatment.

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