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  1. Automatic coarse chain screen
  2. Automatic coarse rotation screen
  3. Shaftless screw press
  4. Coarse manual screen
  5. Automatic fine rotation screen
  6. Automatic fine screw sieve
  7. Sludge acceptance plant
  8. sand classifier
  9. Longitudinal sand/grease scraper/li>


  1. Covers for arranged floors
  2. Light water tight manhole covers
  3. Heavy water tight manhole covers
  4. Pressure covers
  5. Safety ladders with back protection
  6. Safety ladders with slider
  7. Channel penstock
  8. Wall penstock
  9. Manual penstock
  10. Flow direction changer
  11. Separator
  12. Separator with automatic light fluids separation
  13. Polyester gratings
  14. Drainage channels
  15. Safety fences


  1. Electric cabinets
  2. Standard electric cabinets
  3. Automatic control and telemetry programs
  4. Measurement and regulation


    1. Fittings for water supply and sewage systems